Стоит ли сознание того, чтобы в него приходить? (с)
i work so hard im a mess,
too fucking caught up in my head.
i try to scream, i try to express,
i try to convince myself im dead.

im not free, im not me,
im a reaction of what ive been,
this isnt real, i cant feel,
i am lost and cant be found.

how can i speak,
how can i yell,
how can i unlock my own shell.
how can i be,
how can i see,
how can i find whats lost in me.

im not afraid,
im not scared,
im just caught up in my head.

can not speak,
can not breathe,
wana run away from me.
can not scream,
can not yell,
can not fight away my hell.

i cant feel,
i cant break,
maybe my life was a mistake.
i cant see,
i cant hear,
im afraid of what i fear.

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